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    Project Overview

    Before the Covid pandemic, European countries had significantly lowered early leaving rates from education and training. However, this tendency is not certain in the future due to the rapid changes in educational systems. Specialists argue that the number of students disengaged in the learning process might grow and cause a new wave of early school leavers who are unhappy with the recent changes and prefer to enter the labour market earlier. However, this will be not the thriving and receptive labour market but the one struggling with growing unemployment rates. That’s why it is so vital to boost young people’s engagement in their education and, at the same time, equip them with the skills that will increase their employability potential in the future.

    Project aim

    FMID aims to promote digital literacy among young people and youth educators. It will raise young people’s cultural awareness, aid their comprehension, and promote social inclusion by providing a voice, tools, and abilities to express themselves and understand one another.

    Specific Objectives

    • To create a suite of video creation resources for young people.

    • To support youth educators in delivering the video creation training with the help of the bespoke in-service training and handbook.

    • To provide a series of virtual learning and collaborative environments for sharing project results, enabling education resources usage and gaining recognition for videos created by project participants.

    • To provide a series of events for both young people and youth educators.


    Future in Perspective Ltd. (FIPL)

    Future In Perspective Ltd. is a private company based in the border region of Ireland specialising in the areas of education and e-learning, media production, strategic planning and business development and evaluation. Through our work on national and EU-funded projects, we have engaged and supported local youth groups, migrant communities, older persons, and individuals who have been absent from education to re – engage with service providers and mainstream education and training offerings. We also have expertise in supporting businesses in niche markets such as the creative, cultural and green sectors to develop sustainable business models. In addition, we have collaborated with young people and adults to deliver a range of diverse programs in the areas of media production and career management – supporting the next generation of creative individuals to build and sustain successful careers in the sector.


    Acumen Training is a private company specializing in training and consulting. The aim of Acumen Training is to support managing on the labour market and setting up own business. The company offers training and consulting, develops audiovisual learning materials, carries out research, designs and produces learning content. Our team is experienced in graphic design (creating logos and branding) and development of audiovisual materials (used in e-Learning and Flipped Learning). It has extensive experience in dissemination and promotion of projects. The company is based in Rzeszow, capital of Subcarpathian province in southern Poland

    The partner cooperates with trainers experienced in many areas and has a staff who can provide knowledge and experience needed for development of projects related to education and training on different subjects with special focus on labour market and entrepreneurship. The staff members of Acumen Training are advanced in project management, administration, dissemination, evaluation and monitoring. The company has large network of contacts on local and regional level, cooperating with training companies, associations, business environments institutions and specialists in the area of labour market and entrepreneurship.

    Acumen Training is focused on young people, supporting them in their professional development, managing on labour market and founding own business. The company supports them in gaining skills and experience related to entrepreneurship and leadership. Our team is experienced in creating training materials (including branding), creating audiovisual materials (podcasts, videos, educational escape rooms, mini-learning format resources). They are also experienced in conducting research and development of reports. We have the equipment to record and edit high-quality audio-video material. Our team also includes two graphic designers experienced in designing e.g. logos, newsletters, promotional materials and material branding.

    Rightchallenge Association

    The Rightchallenge Association is a non-governmental organisation which aims the promotion of vocational education and training as a means of social inclusion and equal opportunities. We believe that education must focus on the integral development of all people – independent of social status, age, or gender – in order to prepare them to intervene and participate in all dimensions of society, such as family, work, community and leisure. So, as an organisation actively engaged with the community, one of our pillars is lifelong learning, because we have the conviction that it’s essential to sustainable development, as it promotes active, democratic and responsible citizenship among citizens.

    Jugendförderverein Parchim/Lübz e.V.

    Jugendförderverein Parchim/Lübz e. V. ( “ JFV ” ) is a non – profit organisation founded in 1992. Today, the foundation employs over 100 people in six different locations in Western Pomerania , Germany . The organization is on a mission to set innovative impulses for encouraging the occupational integration of disadvantaged and vulnerable youth, more specifically, early school leavers, socially excluded persons, adults with migrant backgrounds and unemploy ed adults. JFV offers a wide range of services centred on the needs of these target audiences that aim to prepare, motivate and encourage them for training or occupation in labour market as well as supporting and guiding them in their personal development. The partaking in national and international projects is an integral part of the work of JFV . During this project, JFVs main task is to acts as a project coordinator.

    If you want to know more, please contact us: 

    E-mail: info@jfv – pch.de 

    Phone: +49 (0)3871 63 190

    Fundación Siglo22

    Fundación Siglo22 is a non – profit organization that operates t hroughout the national territory under the Protectorate of Foundations of the Ministry of Education. The purpose that define the work of our Foundation are as follows:  Develop programs and projects that facilitate the integration of information and communications technologies into education system. Improving gender equality and creating programs to improve equal opportunities through information and communication techno logies. Develop programs and projects related to learning and the creation of shared knowledge networks. Motivated by the need to improve t he education system and gender equality deficiencies, in early 2011 an initial group of three professionals decided to start Siglo22, this project was joined by three other professionals in the field of education, gender equality, and technologies. Our mission is contributing relevant experiences in education and society, which contribute to their steady improvement th rough innovation projects to foster learning and change. Our vision is on the way to the creation of a continuing personal growth substrate supported by the constant search for innovation and cooperation, promoting equal opportunities among all people. We work in three main areas:  Education: specialized in e-learning, LMS platforms and teaching skills. Gender equality: gender and young people, female networking. EU projects: collaboration in Erasmus+ cofounded projects. 


    CARDET is one of the leading research and training centers in the eastern Mediterranean region with global expertise in project design and implementation, project management, training and e-learning. CARDET has completed numerous projects relating to the development of adult and vocational training initiatives in the areas of social work, innovation and entrepreneurship. Members of its team and board represent European and International Higher education institutions, training centers and international organizations, and have in-depth knowledge of the adult training sector and financial literacy area while CARDET focuses in the promotion of social justice and social progress. CARDET brings together an international team of experts with decades of global expertise in adult training, capacity building, curriculum development, social entrepreneurship, vocational training, design thinking, innovation, education research, evaluation, and human resource development.

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